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Day to day

It has certainly become apparent to me, when working alongside my clients, that laughing and smiling is something that holds so many therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. Firstly, I want to talk about genuinely smiling on the inside. By this I mean when we truly can be amongst others and feel that we are able to be our true selves,

As with most of the subjects I write about, this directly relates to my life experiences. For the purpose of explaining how I have learnt what I know, I want to share our story with you here. My daughter has a condition called Rett Syndrome. It is a complex condition causing many health implications. Olive is sadly locked in a body that doesn’t work

This is a question that has been playing on my mind a lot recently. So, here I am writing a blog about it - straight off the cuff. People may think that they are defined by their title, job, family, ethnic origin, car they drive, how many friends they have, what social circles they move in, how clever they are, or how

As you have gotten older, have you ever considered how your view of the world has changed? If you took a few moments to look back at your aspirations from when you were a child, would you be wondering what changed? How have you changed? Have you followed your dreams? Or did fear hold you back? I will reveal more about myself in my

Coaching in general is gaining support, or working alongside someone who can ask skilful questions to support you in achieving personal or professional goals. In my coaching sessions, we look deeper at who you are, what your true values & beliefs are & align all goals & decision making with those. By working this way, I have found that you can cultivate a