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Finding your path through disability

Raising a child or caring for a person with with complex additional needs can be incredibly overwhelming. At this difficult and challenging time, when important decisions need to be made daily, through effective coaching techniques I will help you to asses your situation with a clear perspective, manage your time and slow things down, in order to be able to make the right decisions for you and your family. By setting tasks and goals that are in line your families values and beliefs, it will give you as a family the clarity and increased control needed during difficult times. 

As part of Finding Your Path Through Disability we will also identity barriers and find ways to make changes and improvements that are relevant to your situation as a family, making you better equipped carers, give you the ability and belief to find answers yourself and ultimately live in a way that brings more joy, happiness and positivity.  

Parents can often find their lives becoming defined by disability and can often loose themselves in the process. Through effective coaching we can work together to help you find yourself again and identity the things that make you happy as an individual and get your journey back on track. Often values and mind-sets can also change, with shifts in dynamics within relationships as everyone adjusts to the change in circumstances. I will help you create an approach to life that works for you, in line with your new values and beliefs.

‘Having a child with additional needs brings a whole raft of issues, which made me prioritise my thoughts, feelings and outlook.  I adopted an approach which I thought would be best for what needed to be done, in a sense be the provider, enabler and essentially the rock on which I build the foundation for my sons needs, both now and in the future. Coaching with Janie has helped give me a great insight into what I can aspire too, and really provided the support I’ve needed to effect some encouraging changes’


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