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Who am I?

Sometimes life goes by so quickly, we lose sight of what is happening around us and forget what it is to truly live in a way that we are connected to ourselves and others and to what truly makes us happy on the inside.  Sometimes lack of confidence, habits and lack of support can be barriers in stopping, exploring and making change to cultivate a life that is truly unique and beautiful to us.

Through effective coaching, we will explore who it is to be you, what different roles you play in your life and how you present yourself at your finest, so as a result you feel at your best both on the inside and out.

Do you yearn to connect with yourself? To learn to know how you can nurture everything that it means to be you?

Maybe you feel you have lost something of yourself. By taking the time to work through ways to reignite the happiest parts of your soul, you can start to make plans and goals that will bring about the life you want to cultivate for yourself, and maybe even your family.

What is self image and why does it matter?

I believe strongly that our ‘self image’ is of great importance and portrays to others and the world core personal attributes that reflect notions of our ability, professionalism, personality and general demeanor, through our appearance and attitude to life and the challenges we face.

Quite simply, but with profound effects, this is what we work through in the ‘Who am I’ coaching sessions. As part of understanding who you are we will look into the mirror and explore the image you see looking back. Through carefully selected techniques and tools we will then reinforce the positive feelings we feel about ourselves and shed the negative ones, take a breath and strengthen the parts of ourselves that need attention, until we have unshakeable belief about who we truly are.

Foundation of you

If we were to remove all of the everyday items that we wear, our clothes, make-up, hair products and thought “Who am I?”, who would we find?  The answers should be a reflection of truth, aligned with positive beliefs of who we are and structured ideas of our values. If we truly live a life that is mindfully made up of what matters to us, then we should look in the mirror and see our true self.

In the ‘Who am I’ sessions, we will work together to define your core values and beliefs, to gain an understanding of your very essence, before starting to put the layers back, being mindful that every layer should represent some aspect of your defined values and positivity about yourself.

As part of this process it’s also important to reconnect with and give thought to the body and shape we’ve been blessed with, in order to make the most of the parts we like, whilst also addressing how to work with and appreciate the parts of our body that we favour less. It’s easy to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, but by understanding what works to enhance the body you have been given, we can build our confidence and dress in a way that feels true to who we are. 

In this carefully designed package we will also focus on how you present yourself to the world and consider each of the roles you play within your day to day life, in order to establish what makes you truly happy on the inside and out.

Knowing and understanding yourself inside and out is the key to creating the life you want.

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