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I love to connect with others authentically, empowering them to follow their dreams and experience a more wholesome and fulfilling life.

I’m proud to have helped a range of clients from all different walks of life, who have faced a broad range of challenges. As part of my own personal development and ongoing practice, I welcome feedback and constantly evaluate my clients responses, some of which I’ve shared below for you to read.

We’re all on our own journey, which can often be challenging, but also rewarding and deeply fulfilling and I can say with honesty that the relationships I have made during my time as a life coach with my clients have provided me with inspiration, insight and hope.

Focussing on the things that really matter

From our first meeting Janie really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately helping me change the way I’ve looked at food for my whole life!


A positive outlook

When I went to my first coaching session I was a bit unsure what to expect. I just knew I had reached a point in my life where I did not know which direction to take. I felt there was a lot happening in my life that I could not control and I felt as though things were spiralling out of control.  Seeking Janie’s help through the coaching session definitely helped compartmentalise everything that was happening for me. It enabled me to take control of my own decisions and prioritise what I found most important to focus on.  I would recommend everyone to coaching, any age, any lifestyle. I truly believe having my coaching sessions has helped me have a more positive outlook on life and be happy with what I have and allow myself to dream of what I want. This is something I never allowed myself to do before. The most important thing is you find the answers to this by yourself, you are just helped with alternative ways to process what you find important. I have taken things from my coaching sessions that I will now carry through life, for this I will always be grateful.


Support, insight and aspirations

When I first met with Janie I actually felt a sense of relief that I was finally addressing a mind-set that although had bought my success and achievement, professionally and to a degree personally, it had taken a toll on other areas of my life, both physically and emotionally.

Having a child with additional needs brings a whole raft of issues, which made me prioritise my thoughts, feelings and outlook.  I adopted an approach which I thought would be best for what needed to be done, in a sense be the provider, enabler and essentially the rock on which I build the foundation for my sons needs, both now and in the future. I didn’t think of the cost to myself, any price was a price worth paying…. I became the person I thought I had to be, rather than the person I knew I could or should be.

My sessions with Janie have really opened my eyes to re-evaluating who I am, and unravelled a lot of negativity I thought I was channelling in a positive way. Coaching with Janie has helped give me a great insight into what I can aspire too, and really provided the support I’ve needed to effect some encouraging changes.

I cannot thank Janie for her help, support and belief in me.


Confidence in my decisions

Coaching helped me to reorganise my thoughts and empowered me to have the confidence in my decisions. Janie supported me in recognising my values and beliefs and applying these to my thinking so I could revaluate my business decisions and base them on these vital factors. Since doing coaching with Janie I feel more secure in my outlook going forward and given me the confidence to just go with what I know is right.


Support, insight and aspirations

I had tried lots of other alternative support such as counselling and Reiki and other natural healing, at this point in my life I was open to anything that could help me. It was an amazing journey from uncertainty to believing in myself, following my heart to support myself my husband and my beautiful children, my world!  Janie was compassionate throughout each coaching session, I felt the support and understanding that gave me power to help myself regain confidence and control of my life. Sometimes in life you need guidance and support to help unlock all the good inside, from all the negative things that happen through life we forget what we can do.

I felt that life coaching helped me to reset and refocus my thoughts to achieve more positive outcomes in my life. The sessions were an inspiration and I will always remember the help, support and tools I was given to achieve anything!!!

I would highly recommend Janie Beaumont Life Coach


An amazing experience

Working with Janie to produce a ‘capsule wardrobe’ was an amazing experience and has completely changed my approach to buying clothes and putting outfits together from what was already in my wardrobe.

Janie was able to identify key items that were in my wardrobe and then created stunning combinations with them – she used items I would never had considered before and the results were amazing.

I soon realised that my wardrobe could be greatly improved by purchasing some basic items that would then work very hard and give me tremendous value for money, or great ‘cost per wear’ value, as they would enable me to wear the existing clothes much more successfully.

After a day spent with Janie doing a wardrobe consultation we met up again for a shopping day where we looked for the gaps that had been identified in my wardrobe.

Janie was super organised on the day and thought of everything!  She had a fabulous day planned that included taking me to new shops where we purchased things like a very versatile jacket that would go with every kind of outfit, from casual jeans, smart business wear to going out on social occasions.  We looked at shoes, accessories, underwear (very important!) and Janie had even arranged a mini makeover too, which enabled me to find the missing items in my cosmetics.

By the end of the day we had got several of the items on my shopping list, and I continued in the following weeks to obtain the remainder by shopping online, made very easy by Janie’s carefully documented report giving me useful information such as sizes of things tried on or brands and their website links.

I was very happy with all of my purchases and am thoroughly enjoying wearing my outfits now in the knowledge that they are much more stylish with Janie’s expertise input.  And the great thing about that is the extra confidence it gives you!

So thank you Janie Beaumont for the transformation of my wardrobe!  I would recommend her to anyone wanting a new look from their old wardrobe!


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