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What is coaching with Janie Beaumont?

Coaching in general is gaining support, or working alongside someone who can ask skilful questions to support you in achieving personal or professional goals.

In my coaching sessions, we look deeper at who you are, what your true values & beliefs are & align all goals & decision making with those. By working this way, I have found that you can cultivate a lifestyle that is unique & true to you. Giving you joy & contentment. Together we can explore non-judgmentally every facet of you. Putting back the layers so that they are completely aligned with your own set of core values.

We work at strengthening your beliefs that you can achieve what you desire, until they are so strong that life all just becomes lighter & starts to flow in the direction you want.

You will learn a way to shape your thoughts & your mind that transforms every part of how you project yourself out to the world. There is so much pressure to conform & be happy, that often when life throws real stuff at us, we don’t know how to connect or how to deal with real situations. Together we foster an attitude of positivity with realism, this way you will be well equipped to connect better with others & yourself.  Resulting in more meaningful relationships personally & professionally.

We work together to identify what barriers might be holding you back, there is never a barrier that can’t be broken, its often how you choose to approach that barrier that makes all the difference to how it affects you. Together we will explore self advocacy, allowing you to know how you have the power in yourself to create change.

Coaching can be a challenging experience, however it takes courage, time & strength, to really take a good look at yourself & your life & choose to be YOU. In our coaching session you will receive 100% dedicated time & energy on you, this high level of focussed support is how the magic happens, its when you know you will not be judged, you can reveal your true self & have important & meaningful discussions about what you truly need to discuss. This is what makes my coaching packages so special.

All the great change makers & leaders in history didn’t achieve what they achieved by fitting in, standing amongst the crowd & going with the majority vote.

“Become the change you want to see; those are words I live by”

– Oprah Winfrey

Many people find religion, or some spiritual practice that gives them a sense of a pathway to align their decisions & belief’s with. This is not wrong or right, however having your very own inner core strength, that speaks to you straight from your own heart, will give you tremendous power to embody everything about your unique & wonderful gifts into a life that seamlessly flows in a way that feels right. You will learn to ride the waves, know when to take a break, know how to not fight against the storms & allow yourself to see the beauty in everything that life throws at you. This life will start to show you how so much pleasure can be found in the simplest things, you will start to see life in itself as your greatest gift, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the people we get to share our true selves with & the nature that surrounds us.

There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that everything you need is right here, just waiting for you to find it.

Spending money & time on yourself in this way is an investment that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

We could spend all the money on fancy cars, holidays, clothes, going out socialising, however if we still don’t have the life we want, then all you keep doing is subconsciously trying to make yourself happy by doing what the media tells you to do & what everyone else seems to be doing.

If you truly want to cultivate the life that you long for, true belonging, surrounded by your people, true happiness & joy, true fulfilment & purpose, then take some time to develop the parts of yourself that are easily ignored, those parts are your soul, your heart & your mind. Take control of who you are & what your life is.

Finding your true purpose is the most liberating feeling in the world.

Harness the power to be you with one of my specially curated packages & lets discover together who it really means to be you & live a life of true joy & abundance today.

Be Healthy, be happy, be present, be you.

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