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Who Am I?

As you have gotten older, have you ever considered how your view of the world has changed?

If you took a few moments to look back at your aspirations from when you were a child, would you be wondering what changed? How have you changed?

Have you followed your dreams? Or did fear hold you back?

I will reveal more about myself in my next bog post ‘what defines us’, for now I just want you to know that I was there, fear held me back for so long, fear of being rejected, fear of myself & what others might think. Fear of not knowing what it was that would truly make me happy. As a result, I conformed.

However, a shock diagnoses for my daughter took my mind somewhere else. 

I was forced to see the world through a different lens. I was horrified how fast many live, leaving little time to truly connect with others and allow a natural rhythm to ripple through our days. There is so much pressure in society to conform, achieve, socialise, be liked, be seen in the right places. Before we know it, we can easily get sucked into that way of living, leaving behind the beautiful uniqueness that makes each of us beautiful in our own way.

Getting sucked into that way of living is followed by the emotional suppression that can have a huge impact on both men and women, as society can expect people to ‘suck it up’ and ‘get on with it.’ Men and women often succumb to the fear of being vulnerable and being seen to have weaknesses. This is so deeply rooted into our society that even children often grow up right in front of us connecting more with technology, social media etc., than with people. People often find themselves with little time to slow down and reflect on what their true values are, what their beliefs are, much less whether or not they are aligning their life with their values and beliefs.

My ‘who am I’ coaching package is an invitation for you to open your heart and start a discussion looking at all of this. We will peel back the layers, reveal who you truly are, and then start to put back the layers, being mindful that every layer should represent some aspect of your defined values and positivity about yourself. in the outcome, there will be a more confident you, with clarity of who you are, what you want your life to look like and aspirations for the changes you can make in order to find that joy, inner peace and abundance that you desire.

You will start to feel like you have shed the baggage. You will love yourself more, both on the inside and outside.

Self-image has a huge impact on how we can live, yet when do we ever take the time to reflect on this? Self-image is impacted by our early caregivers, but also by our relationships we have today with family, friends and colleagues.

All too often, everything can look good on the surface. However, this can be a big misperception, as those that work hard at making it look good, are often the ones that have not made the time to truly consider what makes them happy. Personal achievements, professional accomplishments, and job satisfaction can often have a massive impact how we feel about ourselves, too.

If we truly live a life that is made up of what matters to us, then we will be able to look in the mirror and see our true self. This will then allow you to love others in a way that accepts them for their uniqueness and gifts. You, too, can learn to see the light in every situation and create a beautiful life that has its own rhythm, flows down its own path and attracts the people that become ‘your people.’

In order to improve your overall self, you need to be able to answer, with confidence, “who am I?” Take some time with a cup of coffee, paper, and a pen to begin answering that question. Here are some beginner questions to get you started:

  • What do you value?
  • What are your beliefs?
  • Where do your beliefs come from?
  • Have your beliefs changed over your life? If so, how?

“Faithless to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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